Information message on the tangible earthquake at the Kuril Islands on May 22, 2017

A tangible earthquake with М=6.4 has occurred on May 22, 2017 at 11:00 GMT(14:00 Moscow time) at the Kuril Islands.

Parameters of the earthquake have been determined in the Alert Service (AS) of Information Processing Center (IPC) of Geophysical Survey of RAS in Obninsk with station data obtained from digital and analog seismic stations of Russia, countries of CIS and from abroad. Alert message on this earthquake has been delivered in 13 min after registration to the Ministry of Emergency of the Russian Federation (EMERCOM).

Preliminary processing has been done with data from 22 stations, accurate processing - with data from 50.

The red marker on the map is the epicenter of this earthquake, its focus was located in the Pacific Ocean near the eastern coast of Kurils Islands, at a depth of 60 km, 71 km east of Malokuril, 144 km south of Kurilsk, 154 km E-SE of Yuzhno-Kurilsk.
Time in origin (GMT) Latitude, degree Longitude, degree Depth, km Stations number Ms/N mb/N I0 (calculated) GAP Center
1 11:00:55.1 43.91 147.77 60.0 50 6.4/29 6 95 GS RAS(Verified)
Federal research center, Geophysical survey of Russian Academy of Sciences
2 11:00:51.5 44.37 147.87 10.0 22 6.5/15 9 GS RAS(Preliminary)
Federal research center, Geophysical survey of Russian Academy of Sciences
3 11:00:57.1 43.86 147.74 48.9 227 Mw 5.4 60 NEIC
National Earthquakes Information Center of US Geological Service
4 11:00:57.0 43.93 147.74 50.0 676 Mw 5.4 59 CSEM
European - Mediterranean seismological center
5 11:00:53.0 43.75 147.96 71.8 4.7 KRIPC
Regional Informational Processing Center of Kamchatka